We started the Harriet Slack-Smith foundation in 2012, after the loss of our daughter Harriet in 2011.

From the grieving process grew the desire to keep the memory of our beautiful little angel alive. We often reminisced about the amazing care and support we had received from the RPA NewCare ward. They did everything they could to save our little girl, but it wasn’t to be. We have always felt a strong urge to recognize and advocate for this amazing team, and the role they play in supporting families that may find themselves in a similar position.

So we created the Harriet Slack-Smith foundation.
Every year since 2012 we have done a run or family walk to raise funds for the foundation. Some years we have pooled our funds with other charities to support RPA NewCare. These funds have helped buy a range of items for the ward including humidi-cribs, feeding chairs and webcams for the crib so the family can watch their newborn any time, day or night.

In 2020 we decided we would target to raise $50k for a much need lifesaving ventilator. One of the fundraisers was going to be a Mother/daughter trek through the hills of Nepal. Little did we know of the pending pandemic and the resulting travel ban that kicked in early in the year.

We started raising funds via my travel company – Adventum Travel (which launched in Oct 2019). For every person that made a booking with Adventum Travel we donated $10 to the Harriet Slack-Smith Foundation. As at early August, we have raised $570 – a long way from our $50k target, and with travel coming to a standstill overnight, we need your help.

Blackmore running 2019

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