Meet the Founder

Michelle Slack-Smith, Founder and director of Adventum Travel.

Michelle didn’t plan her career, rather her life passion became her job. When she was 20 she filled a backpack and boarded a flight to Glasgow. For two and a half years, she lived and worked throughout the UK and Europe, savouring all she could of the people, places and incredible experiences

When she returned home, her strategy was to work long enough to earn the money for her next adventure. Then she landed a job with the iconic Australian travel company Flight Centre and discovered that planning and materialising other people’s dreams was as rewarding as achieving her own. That was over 20 years ago and Michelle’s been in the travel business ever since. 

In July 2019, after an amazing 20-year career with Flight Centre, three children (and recently a dog), she decided to fill a different kind of backpack and embark on a new adventure. Adventum Travel was born. 

For Michelle, it’s always been about following her passion and embracing new experiences. With a history of running marathons while working and raising her children, Michelle has mastered the art of multi-tasking and planning. She still travels regularly, only these days it’s more likely to be a child-friendly holiday. She is a firm believer in short-hop holidays with girlfriends, and the odd night away with the hubby! 

“Adventum Travel is the realisation of a long-held dream to offer a world of adventures that are truly unique to each of us. I believe travel enriches us all. The sights and sounds of new experiences helps us to put some perspective on life!”

Etihad Lounge – waiting to board my flight for the NY Marathon 2019

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